What The Hell do Vegans Eat for Thanksgiving?

gilmore girls

When one thinks of Thanksgiving, what is the first food to come to mind? It could be the pumpkin pie, covered in dairy filled whipped cream or ice cream. It could be stuffing, drenched in butter and cooked in chicken stock. It could be the mashed potatoes that are so creamy they literally feel like what one would imagine a cloud to feel like. Or, it could be the most common food, the turkey. These delicious foods have one major thing in common: not a single one is vegan. So this leaves us wondering: what the hell do vegans eat on thanksgiving? The easy answer to this question is “modified” recipes like a vegan pumpkin pie recipe that lacks any of the toppings, the best parts, or a vegan mashed potato recipe where it is literally just mashed up potatoes with some salt, or, my personal favorite, the Gilmore Girls version of a a vegan turkey called a “tofurkey”. Not a single one sounds as good as the real deal.
Imagine the one vegan of the family coming to Thanksgiving dinner, made for carnivores, and having to eat salad the entire night. That’s not fair to the vegan! This is the day where people are supposed to pig out and enjoy a variety of great, amazing foods. The turkey is supposed to be so succulent that is falls off the bone, the potatoes are supposed to be so drenched in gravy that people have to end up eating it with a spoon, the stuffing is supposed to be so fluffy that it has to be cut up into chunks so it isn’t eaten as a big ball of mashed up bread. Vegans don’t get to enjoy this day; they have to sit there and watch the carnivores enjoy the day that allow women to break their diets, the day that people with clogged arteries get to say: to hell with it! It’s the best day of the year! There is also a specific reason as to why people eat the foods they do on this day. Every family can have their modifications but they still have at least some of the original foods. Vegans don’t get to enjoy these foods; they don’t get to experience of pigging out on the best foods of the year.
The point of this blog was not to discourage vegans or to say what they do is wrong, the point of this was literally just to question what they do on this day. There is not many food options for them on this day and it is sad knowing that they don’t get to enjoy it as much as other people do. It is not fair that everything is catered to the average American meal where it is mostly meat and potatoes. Vegans have it hard on this holiday because it is one of those holidays that have a set meal that most people usually follow. They have to watch everyone enjoy the day to eat until they are sick. It is a sad day for most vegans, and what do they even get to eat?

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