Pie is cancelled

person holding knife and fork cutting slice of pie on brown wooden table
Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

I constantly ask around the Thanksgiving time of the year, why is the “go-to” dessert pie? Clearly I have never been a fan of pie and I am always questioning why so many people are such a big fan? It usually has fruit in the middle, which is pretty gross. Who likes warm fruit? And surrounding that warm fruit is crust. Usually that crust is unsweetened because it relies on the fruit for the sweet taste. I have a moto where the only true dessert has to have chocolate in it. Without it, it’s not dessert. Pie should never have chocolate in it. There probably are pies that contain chocolate in it but that just doesn’t sound right. Apple pie has to confuse me the most: the center is warm apple that is cooked to the point where it loses its crisp. Apples are supposed to have a crisp but instead, the crust has the crisp to it, the unsweetened crust. Also, pumpkin pie is literally baby food. It is pureed and, again, warm. You are eating warm mush with an unsweetened crust. There is nothing truly appetizing about pie. The moral of this blog post is to warn the people who choose to cook for Thanksgiving, or the people that always bring dessert when they are invited to a Thanksgiving dinner, do yourself and your friends and family a favor, bring something covered in chocolate.

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